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I stumbled across a post on Pinterest about being authentic in your business and as that is one of three words (authentic, courageous, intentional) I use as my affirmations daily, I know I had to explore more. So I clicked on it and I found Andrea!  It was like she could read the mental dialogue straight from my brain as it was happening.  Literally, phrases and quotes were exact thoughts, and doubts and fears, I had felt time and time again on this journey of figuring out yourself so you could ultimately figure out your brand.  I was hooked! I requested to join her Facebook group, The Brand New Boss Lady Lounge (a must!), I enrolled in her Contraband course, and every other offer, article, blog, etc that I could get my hands on!  The content is absolutely brilliant in all of these arenas and what I have enjoyed most was Andreas selfless desire to give and share what she knows to help women just like me! She answered Facebook posts and shared links to other articles and resources and sent me emails in response to my questions which have all helped me tremendously on my quest to spread my personal message. The icing on the cake was a one-on-one call where Andrea continued to over-deliver and offer suggestions and advice and edits with outrageous encouragement and most importantly, authenticity.  I look forward to all of the phenomenal information I have yet to learn from her and have no doubt that it will be even better than I imagine!  Thank you Andrea for all that you do and then some!

Derith Cass aka Coach D.
Founder – F.I.E.R.C.E


I was lucky enough to find Andrea during my search for office space for my new private practice. I hadn’t even thought about getting a coach prior to seeing her website, but once I learned about the supports she could offer me as I began my journey into entrepreneurship, I knew it would be worth the investment. Throughout our work together, Andrea was extremely supportive and encouraging, but also challenged me to look at my practice with a critical eye and examine myself as a clinician and a business woman. She has empowered me to find my own direction, create my own professional future, and really take the time to examine what I want and how to create it. Andrea has also been extremely supportive and encouraging, helping me to stay confident in myself and my new venture.

Lexi Shuman, LMHC
Founder – Connections Counseling Services

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Working with Andrea was the best decision I could have made. I had been building my business, but knew if I started working with a coach I would accelerate the growth by filling in the gaps where I lacked the knowledge to thrive. It wasn’t until I started working with Andrea that I realized I was getting in my own way and the only thing holding me back from flourishing was me! She helped me change my mindset by doing the necessary work to get the hell out of my own way so I could serve my clients in the most powerful way possible. She also helped me get super organized around social media and dialed in regarding my processes. I would highly recommend working with Andrea. She is a fun, straight forward, no BS kind of person which was  perfect for me, and I really appreciated her expertise and energy.

Kathryn Ford Richter, RN
Healthy Living Coach


Investing in a coach before I began on my business journey was the best thing I could’ve ever done. Andrea Schroll truly knows how to take you to the next level. She helped me to work on content, develop my niche, focus on my target audience AND do things for my business that not only included online, but offline work as well! When you take the time to invest in a coach, don’t go for the numbers and don’t go for the gimmicks. Go for someone who fits your personality, your learning style, and your tempo. Go for someone who knows what you need, and will treat you as an individual and treat you uniquely.

When choosing my coach, I chose Andrea because she made me feel important, she made me challenge myself and my mindset, and she also helped me develop even more confidence in who I was and what I needed to do that would benefit my growth in MY business. Don’t fall for the plans, the “one size fits all.”

Be with a coach that can uniquely work with you and what you need.

Xerces Simpson
Personal Development Coach


I happened to meet Andrea at just the right time. Having started my own business while my kids were very small, I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on personal development. Once they were all in school I found myself with the time I was looking for, but then realized my mindset was very poor. Andrea helped me to see that and boosted my confidence while also helping develop an action plan for me to help propel myself forward in my business. She is warm, genuine and kind but also direct and will provide the “kick in the pants” you need to get out of a rut and get moving. She is wonderful and I can’t say enough great things about her!

Wendy Harsfield
Skincare Consultant


Andrea is AMAZING! I have struggled with having the confidence to be authentic in my communication with the online world as it can sometimes feel silly to be conversational when writing posts, promotional material and blogs. Andrea was great about walking through that vulnerability with me–she has been there and she knows exactly what it feels like–that is so important when doing the work she does. Thanks, Andrea!

Danielle McCarthy, RN
Health and Wellness Expert