Do you realize you can totally have the life
you’ve been longing for?

In fact, it could be right around the corner.  Every woman has what it takes to make magic happen in their life. The truth is, most of the time, we tend to be our own biggest obstacle.

Don’t you want to get it right?

Abundance and true happiness, healthy and fun relationships, a life that feels rich and fulfilling AND a successful career and lifestyle you’re totally thrilled about?

I want to help you
create your dream life…with ease!

Hi! I’m Andrea Schroll. 

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and the owner of Boston Mind and Body in Middleton, MA – modern mental health and inspired wellness for women determined to conquer their mind, body and soul with REAL results. I think of myself as a multi-passionate provider for women who want to feel unstoppable. I give my clients the skills they need to master their confidence and problem solve through their deepest setbacks so they can create an a life they’re truly thrilled about. I help women clarify and conquer the internal barriers to their success on all levels.

An abundant lifestyle is the norm for my clients and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Ultimately, I teach women how to conquer their goals with ease and I show women what’s possible for them. I give my ladies the exact tools they need to have a sustainable lifestyle that brings them the fulfillment they’ve been craving. I have a profound understanding of how imperative deep, transformational work is in personal development and I combine that with effective strategies so my clients can bring their life to a place where they proudly say, “I FINALLY feel great! This is what I’ve been waiting for!!!”

Why Work With Me?

I know that on the outside it looks like you have it all together, but on the inside the struggle is real.

I know that your current situation may be defining your truth. You may be allowing certain circumstances to dictate your life, and it feels like you’ll never get ahead. I just can’t have that be your reality…and neither should you!

I teach effective strategies that work. Permanently.

I am beyond passionate about inspiring and motivating other women to reach their true potential.

I effectively teach women how to master their inner strength in a
non-judgmental, supportive manner to overcome their fears and take action.

I have a Masters Degree from Boston University and I am a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of experience in the field.

My warm and approachable personality allows my clients to openly express their unique desires and fears without ever feeling embarrassed or judged.

I can teach you how to step into your power so you can be the unstoppable woman you wish to be.

The right support is absolutely vital to your success!

And that’s why I’m here…

To support, empower and teach you how to finally be your best self!

This is for you if:

– You wish to UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE: Relationships, parenting, business, money, body, self-worth – All Of It!
– You want to own your truth, elevate your mind and claim your identity as a strong woman.
– You want to set clear boundaries with people in your life in a way that feels good to you.
– You want to raise your vibe for happiness and fulfillment.
– You want to release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck so you can thrive on your terms.

– You want to step into your power as a leader in all areas of your life.
– You wish you could overcome your deepest challenges and obstacles.

– You want to learn effective strategies to get out of your own way (and out of your head).

You truly just want to be happy!

I get the struggle

Everyday, I am blessed to have the incredible opportunity of working with smart, beautiful, inspiring women who long for the right support. Together, we identify realistic goals that are going to get them exactly what they want in their relationships, career, their future – their life.

I help my clients change their current circumstances so they can change their lives – for good!

Your outer world does not determine your reality.

You can change all areas of your life once you decide you are worthy.

Imagine where you could be in 3 months?!

It’s my goal to inspire as many women as possible.

It’s my mission to help women live their most meaningful life.

If you want to change your life, this is your time.

Coaching and Mentorship – 3 month package

90 days centered on the skills, transformation and strategies you need to CONQUER your
LIFE, live in abundance and reach  your goals – confidently and unapologetically!

My signature 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship includes, but is not limited to the following:

• Nine 60-minute Skype or phone sessions.

• VIP access to me via email.

• Accountability check-ins to keep you on track for the outcome you desire.

• Virtual trainings.

• Guidance with overcoming fears that are impeding your happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

• Helpful resources to guide you through your success.

And much, much more.

As a Multi-passionate Coach, I know that one size does not fit all in life, therefore this package is completely customizable.

Each individual’s success depends on his or her unique
background, dedication, desire, motivation and a wide array of additional factors.
As with any program or service that you invest in,
your results may vary and will be based on many variables,
therefore no guarantees can be made.

Before you go…

Know that you have everything it takes to regain

​ control of your life, your happiness, your success and your future. All

​ you have to do is decide that your life will no longer be You vs. You.

Take a stand. Take action.


Stop waiting for the “right” time.

You deserve the life of you want now.


You can find me here.


Andrea V. Schroll, LICSW

Boston Mind and Body

2 Central St. Suite 203

Middleton, MA 01949

Phone: (781) 218-3759

Fax: (781) 423-8416


Drop me a message.

I'd love to hear from you.